Solar Photovoltaic

Solar photovoltaic (PV) installations are solar cells that convert sunlight into electricity. Each larger cell or collector is made up of many smaller solar cells that use light to make electrons move. When electrons move, they generate electricity. The electricity can be used for many things, like lighting or charging electric cars. The electricity is generated during daylight hours and needs very direct sunlight to be effective. In the EcoDistrict, the PV collectors contribute electricity to the Science Museum, the parking ramp, the electric vehicle charging station, and can also send electrons back out to the grid to be used around the city. PV solar panels are the most commonly used solar technology in the United States. This is different from solar thermal technology which converts heat from the sun into hot water for thermal energy. In the Saint Paul EcoDistrict there are six solar PV installations.


Where can I find solar photovoltaic?

Riverfront Solar Installations can be seen from Sheppard Road, Harriet Island, and other areas south of Kellogg Boulevard and the bluff.