Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Driving an electric vehicle does more than just get you where you need to go. These vehicles are helping to clean our air. Over the life of most electric vehicles, drivers are able to reduce CO2 emissions by 45 tons! Driving an electric car is becoming easier and easier as cities across the nation have been offering car charging stations so you aren’t left with a dead battery when it’s time to hit the road. Saint Paul has installed 23 public stations for charging all-electric and hybrid electric vehicles, and additional stations are being installed by other private and public entities. View a map and a table of existing stations. Look for these signs to identify charging station locations.

In the Eco-District, you will find eight car charging stations at the Saint Paul RiverCentre Parking Ramp. These charging stations offer simple, safe and convenient access to electricity while your car is parked. In addition to charging your car, the stations include real time 24 hour access to charging history such as electricity used, fuel and greenhouse gas emissions saved. Notification of charging status can be sent via text message or email directly to you as well.

The City of Saint Paul is committed to being a leader in the deployment of electric vehicles (EVs) and charging infrastructure. Electric vehicles support the city’s broader sustainability mission and will help us achieve our goal of a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020.

Location of Charging Stations

For more information, visit https://www.stpaul.gov/news/ev-charging-stations

Watch a video about how electric vehicles work: http://energy.gov/eere/videos/energy-101-electric-vehicles