Light Rail

The Metro Transit Green Line stops at two locations close to the EcoDistrict. The Central Station Platform at West 4th Street and Cedar Street is just one-third of a mile from the EcoDistrict. The Union Depot is less than two-thirds of a mile away. There are several routes to walk, bike, roller skate, or cab to the EcoDistrict once you arrive in downtown. The most direct route from Central Station and Union Depot is along West 4th Street. Head southwest on West 4th Street, and as you approach Rice Park, you will turn left onto Market Street. Market Street will take you past the James J. Hill Library, across Kellogg Blvd, and to District Energy St. Paul’s door at 76 Kellogg Boulevard West. From here you will find out how community energy systems work, and you will find the jumping off point for the rest of your tour.