Snow Melt

With snow melt technology you don’t have to scoop the snow or chip away the ice. Snow melt systems melt snow and ice by warming sidewalks, streets, and parking lots from below the pavement. A series of tubes are installed underground. The system can be set up to turn on automatically, when sensors detect that it is likely to snow, based on a combination of the air temperature and humidity. When the system turns on, warm water circulates through the snow melt tubing. Utilizing the lower temperature hot water allows for the incorporation of a wide variety of low-grade energy sources such as waste heat or district heating return lines. By clearing sidewalks and streets it is safer for people to walk and drive on them. This is environmentally friendly because it eliminates the need for salt or chemicals to melt the snow. If you are visiting the EcoDistrict in the winter, you might notice the clear sidewalks near the Saint Paul RiverCentre and in front of District Energy St. Paul.


Where can I find snow melt?

Winter visitors will see snow melt at work in front of the District Energy plant along the plaza and in areas near the Saint Paul RiverCentre and Xcel Energy Center. The tubing in the sidewalk isn’t visible but the clear walkways will make the technology apparent.